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this blog address has been retired. new blagu address is tychocafe.com/ (or, just in case) tychocafe.blogspot.com still the same but not exactly! hugs and whispers



After some 4 years roaming this 'swamp plain' I have befriended a wild bird. 
After many months of developing our communication we began test flights. After several weeks, to my astonishment only ( as I came to learn the bird posses quite a strong sense of confidence, bordering arrogance ) , we were able to reach optimum flight dynamics.

Now we are preparing to take on our first lengthy trip to a not so far off miniature piece of land...

I'm going on a trip for two weeks guys, meeting up with this fancy person that lives in a ridiculously small yet supposedly beautiful island. 

Can't wait for those salty winds.

Take care!  










Hey there,

Been a long time. It's pretty cold here in the garage and my throat feels scratchy, so I'll make this quick.
End of the year is always either such a hassle or such a calm isn't it? Though it depends on where you live, it might as well be just another week.

I'm not into resolutions, but this year has been pretty grand and I'd like to thank everyone who's dropped by here or elsewhere to exchange some thoughts and such...man, I'll find a more exciting way to deliver this message, hopefully.

But for now, some random pages from this year, some are recent, some are old. Maybe a few more will come.

Whenever it seems like the year went by fast to me, it's usually because not too much happened, so there's this sense of  time loss. Though this cycle has felt pretty long, and so I hope the next one too.

Best wishes for these holidays! Or just another ordinary week; remember the universe is mind-blowing, which includes the tips of your fingers.


ps. I watched the secret of Nikolai Tesla, was captivated by the rendition of Nikolai's persona.



here are some very quick loose drawings from right after working all night and right before sleeping under the sunlight.

The gibberish came from the japanese bombarding my ears at the moment.
 I find it nice to listen to foreign music to which i cannot understand the lyrics (language),
the vocals surface in a very abstract, free form.

When you sing it again in your head you are free from any literal constraints.

If you ever made up a song, and naturally sang some gibberish to feel the vocal melodies, 
you might have felt tempted to stick to the gibberish, instead of making lyrics to the song.
I do. All the time.

no constraint, just free and sincere gibberish.
sometimes not particularly understanding something can be much more interesting
and liberating, than knowing exactly what it means...I think.

but not always.

good week to ya!



the answer my friend

Hey there,
Hope all is well!

Here it's all good!

Here's a book spread and some face studies of guess who for reference and win something ( i don't know yet, maybe a wink ) that I have recently come to notice is fairly close to my ideas behind the concept of the witch for a couple of illos i have left cooking on my brain's unconscious stove.

So hey, what's good on your side of town?

│πολλές αγκαλιές │


our ideas will die



Gotta cherish them while they're still alive.

Feeling quiet...or maybe lazy to type.
So here are some drawings and such. Hope you guys are having a great week!
Don't think too much!

till next time


but there's still good in us

As promised, comments answered, drawing/sketches posted. I'm a bit tired so no words this time. You are pardoned from my endless blabber this time, but don't feel too delighted.

I hope the days have risen and slept well with you!